Project Name: National Network for Ocean and Climate Change Interpretation (NNOCCI)

Location: Boston, MA and national partners/participants

Date Established: September 15, 2012

Who We Are: NNOCCI is a partnership between informal science educators, climate scientists, cognitive & social scientists and evaluators whose mission is to create change through better communication techniques around climate change.

Mission: Train enough voices in proven communication techniques to change the national discourse around climate change to be productive, creative and solutions focused.

What We Do:

  • Build communication capacity at ISEIs across the country
  • Assess impactions on participants and their wider networks
  • Train scientists on climate change communication strategies
  • Build network of support for informal science educators throughout the US
  • Conduct new research about Americans’ understandings of climate and ocean change issues.

What We Offer:

  • Study Circles (year long): 20 educators from ten ISEIs plus two early-career ocean or climate scientists participate in each circle which includes lessons and practice with research-based communication strategies and learning about active research in ocean and climate science. Participants commit to a six month learning program plus six months of follow up, networking and impact evaluation.
  • One-day introductory workshops for educators throughout the US
  • Climate change communication workshops for scientists
  • Presentations about NNOCCI work and climate change communication at conferences

Example Offerings:

  • Year-long study circles for informal science educators
  • Introductory workshops at conferences and informal science institutions throughout the US
  • Strategic framing training for scientists at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Audience: Informal science educators and early career scientists make up our primary audience.  Through their influence the project reaches many more people.

Collaborators/Partners: New England Aquarium, Association for Zoos and Aquariums, National Aquarium at Baltimore, New Knowledge Organization, Frameworks Institute, Penn State University, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Center of Science and Industry, Monterey Bay Aquarium

Whom to Contact: Janan Evans-Wilent, NNOCCI Project Supervisor – 617-226-2276, jevanswilent@neaq.org or nnocci@neaq.org

Name & Affiliations of Principal Investigators, Co-Principal Investigators:

Susan Bales, susanb@frameworksinstitute.org, FrameWorks Institute

Paul Boyle, pboyle@aza.org, AZA

Billy Spitzer, bspitzer@neaq.org, NEAq

James Yoder, jyoder@whoi.edu, WHOI

Key Project Partners/Key Staff:

John Anderson, janderson@neaq.org, NEAq

Janan Evans-Wilent, jevanswilent@neaq.org, NNOCCI Project Supervisor