Project Name: Climate Education Partners

Location: San Diego, CA

Date Established: September 15, 2010

Who We Are:  Climate Education Partners is an interdisciplinary collaboration among professors, scientists, researchers, educators, communications professionals, and community leaders who think San Diego is a special place and believe that future generations deserve to enjoy the San Diego we know and love, with its natural beauty and ideal weather. We are concerned about the impacts that changes in our climate could have on our quality of life here and we encourage others to join us in learning more about how we can prepare for and even reduce those impacts, as individuals and as a community.


  • Educate: To heighten understanding among San Diego key influential leaders of the causes and consequences of climate change that challenge our region’s quality of life.
  • Evaluate: To identify the most effective informational methods to reach audiences about the causes and consequences of climate change impacts on the region’s weather, natural resources, air/water quality and local economy.
  • Replicate: To develop and implement a national model for regional climate change education and communication by working with local expert scientists, educators and a wide range of community leaders.

What We Do:

  • Gather Local Climate Data – Serve as a local resource for information and analysis on the causes and impacts of climate change; impacts will include water supply, heat waves, wildfires, coastal flooding, extreme events and impacts on vulnerable communities.
  • Develop and Disseminate Community Education Materials – Create practical resources based on local climate science, focused on local impacts of climate change for regional leaders and their communities and illustrated by existing models of adaptation and mitigation.
  • Implement Community Information Programs – Conduct a range of innovative climate science educational activities, including climate impact tours, roundtable discussions, experiments on energy use and electronic media outreach to assist leaders in the community with their climate change planning needs
  • Evaluate Best Practices – Assess climate science educational resources and activities to determine the most effective ways for San Diegans to learn about climate change to inform their decision making.
  • Serve as a Model for Other Regions – Develop resources and tools that support other communities adapting our approach to increase climate change knowledge and make informed decisions in their communities in California and the nation

Contact: Michel Boudrias, PI, boum@SanDiego.edu; Climate Education Partners, climate@sandiego.edu

Name & Affiliations of Principal Investigators, Co-Principal Investigators:

Michel Boudrias, University of San Diego, PI; Nilmini Silva-Send, University of San Diego, Co-PI; Mica Estrada, University of California, San Francisco, Co-PI; Alexander Gershunov, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego, Co-PI

Key Project Partners: