On May 1–5, 2017, Kosrae Science teachers and PREL staff held a week of PCEP workshop sessions to gain deeper understanding of place-based education. Teachers see the benefits to align PCEP resources with Kosrae Department of Education (KDOE) Science curriculum and to model ways of using places, stories, and PCEP materials […]

Highlights from Kosrae

The Teaching Change program (http://www.teaching-change.org/) recently ran its 3rdannual Teacher Training Workshop on March 9–11, 2017 at Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge and the Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry. These annual workshops integrate a teacher education and curriculum development component into our existing youth education program in natural resource management […]

Teaching Change – Ecosystem Ecology, Climate Change & Phenology – ...

  After two years of Pohnpei Teachers Learning Community (PTLC) focus on self-development and building their own capacities as climate education teachers, they turned to sharing their knowledge and skills with other colleagues, school leaders, and pre-service teachers at the College of Micronesia during school year 2016-2017. “In the three […]

Pohnpei Teachers Learning Community (PTLC) in Action

*Report authored by Dorsalina William; photos courtesy of C. H. Rilometo On November 9, 2016, teachers from the Northern Namoneas Region in Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia participated in a workshop on the various PCEP resources available for the classroom. The workshop was facilitated by Pacific Resources for Education and […]

Training Teachers in Chuuk with PCEP Resources

* Report authored by the Palau High School Science Club, with assistance from Destin Penland (PCEP) The cultural knowledge of the youth of Palau is diminishing. The Palau High School (PHS) Science Club seeks opportunities to learn how our environment is foundational to our culture. For youth, our knowledge of […]

Palau High School Science Club: Reconnecting to Our Place

PCEP High Island Poster, English
In July 2015, the PCEP staff Dr. Emerson Odango and Ms. Dorsa William engaged in lessons with students and teachers at summer programs hosted by Mwan Elementary School and the Chuuk Women’s Council (CWC). Using PCEP’s High Island and Low Island Environment posters, both in Chuukese and English, students were able […]

PCEP Posters Piloted on Weno, Chuuk